Leveling valves or height control valves control the air into or out of your air spring suspension.

Leveling valve with dump diagram

. monthly gantt chart template excel free downloadElectric controls can be provided by the vehicle manufacturer or can be part of the HWH leveling system. amethyst gold hoop earrings

Product Description. . Leveling valves or height control valves control the air into or out of your air spring suspension. Plumb the dump pilot port with at least 6” of air line tubing open to the atmosphere at one end.

Air leveling valve leaking (pictures attached) My left rear air bag was not inflating.

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The diagram represents a typical pilot air dump system.

Description of common leveling valve failure, and semi-temporary road side repair.



A generic heavy-truck pneumatic suspension, consisting of load-leveling valves, airspring, air tank, and air-hose fittings, is configured for testing. Install a pressure gauge with a “T” fi tting into one of the delivery lines from the SDS-9600™ valve. Dump Valve: Yes. Hendrickson.

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The HWH® air dump system uses normally closed solenoid valves to dump the air from the vehicle suspension.

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Universal Level In/Level Out - 2 lift cylinders - ML50125. This system is recommended for use on a 4-Link Rear Air Suspension System.


The valve is plumbed as a dual pressure supply valve. Notes.


• Zero-Pressure Dump HCV configuration: The dump pilot port must be plumbed.

Make sure airline 440 is plumbed from the latching solenoid to the tee as shown on installation drawing.

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Pomona Avenue Kansas City, MO 64153-1297 Phone: (816) 891-2470 Fax: (816) 891-9447 North. . . Flow Diagrams - checked manifold, single cylinder, stationary, extending, retracting - ML53161.


lbs. Dec 13, 2012 · Tried changing it out myself, ended breaking off the leveling arm!!!!, finally, out of hours, right at the Peterbilt parking lot, I threw in the towel. Elite Truck Parts Height Control Leveling Valve W/Dump ID: ETP-08-02947.

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Flow Diagram - single cylinder with large valves - MP659459.

page 10 electrical connection diagram 200 series bi-axis valve with suspension air dump pump relay harness hwh hydraulic leveling 6230 operate front raise see pump relay left right raise raise connection diagram store rear front raise 8600 (blue) 9000. . Normally Closed Dump Valve for “Auto Dump” Installations 90554335. Shear-Seal® has become the industry leader through superior performance and long life, even under the most demanding conditions.