The University of Wisconsin- Madison acceptance rate is quite competitive, more than 31,000 undergraduate students have access to the expansive research campus, which is located on an isthmus between two lakes and offers a total of 4,700 different classes, 129 different majors, and 129 different minors “an abundance of opportunities for research in each and.

Wisconsin acceptance rate out of state 2022

Firstly, the Class of 2025 was made-up of 8,465 freshmen, down from 7,306 the prior year. wildlife world zoo family membership discount. sacred heart university tuition per semester 2023

Nov 2, 2022 · Wisconsin Madison Acceptance Rate. Last year, acceptance rates for all Ivy League schools dipped into the single digits for the first time, and the average acceptance rate across all eight schools was 5. Apr 3, 2020 · Acceptance Rate. .

ASAP assessment - April 2023.

out-of-state tuition and fees are $17,487.




The acceptance rate at University of Wisconsin - Madison is 51. · UW-Madison Acceptance Rate – Class of 2024. Apr 3, 2020 · Acceptance Rate. com%2funiversity-of-wisconsin-out-of-state-acceptance-rate%2f/RK=2/RS=_Pq2P6eRP.

Dormitory capacity: 9,226: Combined charge for room and board: $11,467: Room charge: $7,367:. In-state applicants were admitted at a healthy 73% rate, while non-residents gained admission at a 53. *Data collected from 2021-22 Common Data Set (CDS) forms and indicates enrollment percentages for students entering in Fall 2021.

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and provided both in-state and out-of-state rates in the table below.

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There are two intakes- Fall and Spring. .

There were an all-time high of 45,941 applications for admission into the Badger Class of 2024.

The average GPA at University of Wisconsin - Madison is 3. For the academic year 2021-2022, the average acceptance rate for Wisconsin Colleges is 76.


ASAP assessment - April 2023.

search. Jun 22, 2022 · Admissions Trends & Notes. . 5% of the undergraduate population.

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The average ACT score was 29. Faculty to Student Ratio. .

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7 are admitted. The university reports the admission statistics without distinguishing between local and international students. 69.

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The average GPA at University of Wisconsin - Madison is 3.

. The average ACT score was 29. . Unlike in past years, when in-state students were admitted at higher rate than those from out of state, the difference narrowed this year: 64.